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About Us

Your enjoyment is our main goal. We have selected a range of hand picked properties to offer you a retreat that you can think of as your home away from home whilst you’re here in Wales. We offer services for any traveler, whether you’re on business or your journey is for pleasure. When you plan your next trip,let us book your stay.

        Our Properties

All our properties are conveniently located, and each individual property features all the amenities you could need.  

Be it a simple hotel, bed and breakfast, private guest house, cottage, holiday home or a property on a holiday park.

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Look out for our hidden gems !

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Our Ratings

We give properties our own ratings in addition to official ratings.

  • F = Suitability for families from 1F to 5F for the best suited
  • A = Accessibility from 1A to 5A for fully accessible properties
  • M = Quality of property and Service 1M to 5M for highest standards

In addition each property will show a type :

  • Small and Friendly /  All Action  / Rest and Relaxation /  Modern / Large and Corporate

Location Description :

  • Secluded / Village Location / Town Centre / City Centre / In the Middle of nowhere / Seaside Location / Woodland Location / Lake Location 

Remember official * ratings are for Facilities available not for service or quality of property.

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